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Prahran: Our training studios are judgment-free zones where people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we have a place for you



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Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself.

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At REVL, we are joining forces with millions of people worldwide to promote happier, healthier, and longer lives for men. 

We’ll be hosting a Movember Marathon in studio on Saturday the 25th November. This session will include a 42km row, ski, or an 84km bike challenge for teams of 4-5. We couldn’t think of a better way to support this cause than do get a sweat on! 

You can book into this class NOW via the app! OPEN to members & non members! *Purchase free movember marathon pass via packages to book in* 

If you can’t make the session but want to donate towards the cause, hit the following link to donate via our REVL Prahran Fundraiser! https://au.movember.com/mospace/15156178
You’ll help fund groundbreaking men’s health projects! 

We can’t wait for this event! See you there! 👨🏻‍🦰

Enjoyed the volume but ready to lift a little heavier? Build Phase is here! 

Get your calculators ready Perform as it’s time we introduce percentages with our main lifts. What to expect over the next 3 weeks of our BUILD phase. 

Week 1 - 6-8 Reps
Week 2 - 4-6 Reps
Week 3 - 3-5 Reps

In Move, you can expect to see a similar decline across your large compounds although the reps will stay quite significantly higher in comparison to Perform.

Week 1 - ~12 Reps
Week 2 - ~10 Reps
Week 3 - ~8 Reps

Across both Perform & Move we highly recommend recording the numbers you’re lifting so you can see the weight on the bar increase each week. 

Head over to the REVL Training app to access your Intro Offer and book into your first REVL session! 📲
POV: You joined REVL Prahran and became part of the family ❤️

Kicking things off with a bang this morning in our TOTAL sessions for MOVE & PERFORM. 

If we didn’t see you this morning there’s still 12,5,6pm sessions to make sure you start this final block of the year strong 💪🏽
Who doesn’t like the idea of sharing reps with a mate?! 
See below what our early risers got up to on our PERFORM side this am.. 

In pairs 1:1 
E2MOM X 9 
1. 24/32 BB Deadlifts
2. 24/32 Db/KB Bench press
3. 40/60 Alt V Ups (💀) 

As our REVL WEEK membership offer is still live! We’re going to be giving away 5 x 5 day FREE trials 🔥
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Tag a friend below who needs that extra push!!! 🤌🏼
Things are ramping up towards Summer! Kicking off tomorrow we are offering you the chance to train with us for FREE until October 9th!

This is for those of you who have been in to trial recently and want to get on board as well as those of you have been meaning to get in!! 

The nitty gritty -

- Only available for new members

- Based off our 6 month membership agreement
( you essentially get the first month free 😳 )

- Only available until the 9th of October - the sooner you sign up; the more weeks you train for free! 

Tag your friends below who should take this offer up team and let’s have a great summer! ☀️

Any questions regarding this deal please feel free to DM us! 😎


Our workouts are designed to be challenging but fun. Our classes are taught by experienced trainers who know how to motivate and inspire you to push yourself to the next level, providing modifications and support as needed.


We believe that feeling good about yourself is an essential part of any fitness journey. That’s why we’ve created a studio environment that’s both welcoming and empowering.


1/   Download the REVL app

2/  Join

3/  Book a class

4/  Get there 15 minutes early
to meet the trainer

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