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Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Luke who graduated today with a Masters of Exercise Physiology 🎓

You may have noticed his name a little less frequently on classes as he’s taken up a full-time role in his new field during the weekdays👏🏼

Whilst we’re saddened he’s no longer part of our regular roster, we couldn’t be more proud of his progression within the Fitness and Allied Health industries🔥

Despite his limited availability, Luke has requested to maintain his employment with us here at REVL Kincumber (we’ll use this as a humble brag for how great it is to work here 😉). You’ll still see him around the studio as an occasional sick/holiday cover, weekend Coach, or jumping in a class for his own training 💪🏼

P.S. we have a few more Trainer announcements coming up, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials to keep up to date 👀

 📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
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5am squad getting it done 🔥

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
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We have not one, but TWO winners 🏆🐰🍫

It’s a good thing we managed to squeeze 💥217💥 Easter eggs in this jar so @rickards24 and @bjholland12 had plenty to share, because they both guessed bang on the number!

Thanks for joining us in studio last week to put your guesses in, we’ll be back with another egg jar next year 💪🏼

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
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Not sure which was the spicer option today:
🌶️ Aiming for BLACK scale or
🌶️ Doing subtractions mid-workout for our GREY & WHITE scales

Cast your vote in our stories 🔥

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
#REVL #REVLTraining #REVLKincumber #KincumberREVL #CentralCoast #MoveSweatPerform #GroupFitness #NewEraOfFitness
We are sad to announce our beloved member, Scott Johnson, lost his battle to brain cancer on the morning of March 14. He was surrounded by loved ones during his final moments 🤍

His wife Vanessa, who is also a dear member of ours, extends her sincere gratitude for the support their family continues to receive from the Community

Scotts life will be celebrated next Wednesday, 27 March 
⚡️11am Ceremony at Avoca Beach (or Surf Lifesaving Club, if raining)
⚡️ 1pm Wake at Avoca Bowling Club
⚡️ Dress code: Smart Casual

As you can probably tell from this reel, Scotty was an avid lover of an UPPER body session. We invite all members and non-members to join our MOVE // UPPER & ABS on the morning of Scott’s funeral, at no cost to his friends and family 💪🏼

Please note, we will not be running Wednesday PM classes on this day. Thank you for your understanding

Scott’s Raffle Fundraiser will continue until it’s original draw date, 30 March. Funds will go towards supporting the day-to-day needs of Scott’s wife, Vanessa, and their 4 children; Mateo, Saskia, Scarlett, and Havana

RIP Scott 🕊️

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
#REVL #REVLTraining #REVLKincumber #KincumberREVL #CentralCoast #MoveSweatPerform #GroupFitness #NewEraOfFitness
WOW 👏🏼

What a turn out for todays ‘SWEAT FOR SCOTT’ Fundraiser

Just shy of 80 people across the two classes, and another 50+ who came as spectators/BBQ enthusiasts throughout the morning🔥

🎟️ We’ll be running the RAFFLE for the rest of the month, with prizes drawn at our SOCIAL SATURDAY on March 30

Tickets are available in studio or direct via some of our members who have volunteered. Check out our previous post for the current prize list⚡️

Not a local but want to donate? You can find Scott’s GoFundMe linked in our bio 💪🏼

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
#REVL #REVLTraining #REVLKincumber #KincumberREVL #CentralCoast #MoveSweatPerform #GroupFitness #NewEraOfFitness

Feeling a little spicier on those erg efforts for DELOAD week 🌶️😮‍💨

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
#REVL #REVLTraining #REVLKincumber #KincumberREVL #CentralCoast #MoveSweatPerform #GroupFitness #NewEraOfFitness

It’s with a heavy heart we share with our Community that one of our members, Scott, has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour which has unfortunately been deemed too risky to operate on

After 3 weeks in hospital, Scott has been able to return home and will commence radiation and chemotherapy treatments at the end of this month

To help support our beloved members, Scott and Vanessa, along with their 4 children, we will be running the SWEAT // TEAM classes on Saturday March 2nd as a fundraiser event

The classes are FREE to book for all members and non-members, with donation required to participate

📲 Bookings essential via the REVL app
(Link in Bio…👀)

📍3/6 Hawke St, Kincumber
#REVL #REVLTraining #REVLKincumber #KincumberREVL #CentralCoast #MoveSweatPerform #GroupFitness #NewEraOfFitness


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