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Erina: Our training studios are judgment-free zones where people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we have a place for you



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Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself.

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REVL Training: where purpose meets passion, and a strong community thrives. For franchisees, coaches and members inside REVL Training, the shared commitment to progress forges connections and fosters a sense of unity. REVL is more than a place where people come to sweat. ⁠
The launch of studio #25 @revl.training.campbelltown is a testament to the 3 years dedicated to development and refinement. The result? A standout product that delivers more than just a workout—it's an experience. ⁠
Head to the link in the bio to find and join a REVL near you!
Training with @bennywoolford & @joshmildren on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays looks a little like this... ⁠
Keen to train alongside REVL Training’s co-founders? Slide into our DM's and we'll book you into a session!
Curious to see what an open day at REVL Training looks like?⁠
Studio #25 @revl.training.campbelltown officially launched last month and has been humming ever since. ⁠
With several more studios set to open their doors in the coming months, you'll be seeing a whole lot more of this very soon!
In case you missed it - BLACK FRIDAY is now LIVE at REVL Training 🔥 ⁠
Download the REVL Training app and use the code: BLACKOUT50 to MOVE more for less this summer!
REVL Training's 25th location - @revl.training.campbelltown ⁠
Designed with the member's experience in mind, the signature REVL model studio features custom-branded equipment, boutique amenities, and a dynamic studio layout, all aimed at creating perfect session flow and providing optimal functionality. ⁠
Interested in viewing the space alongside the REVL Training Founders as a potential franchisee? Send us a DM or drop an email to: franchising@revltraining.com ⁠
[mo]re than a standard Saturday Team Sweat session at REVL Training - MOVEMBER MARATHON is almost here! ⁠
A cause the REVL Training network is proud to get behind and raise some much-needed funds for - Mens health. Get ready to team up and sweat it out on Saturday the 25th of November. Secure your spot via the REVL Training app now ⚡️ ⁠
Can't make it on the day, but keen to get involved? Head to the link in the bio to donate today!
Tomorrow’s SWEAT ENGINE ❤️‍🔥 

A. E3 MOM × 4
1.750/690/630m Ski/Row
2.30/20 x Box Jump Over/Step Over
30/20 x Wall Ball
B. E3MOM x 4
1.1500/1380/1260m Bike Erg or 40/30/20
Cal Echo Bike (Schwinn 56/42/28)
2.30/20 x Alt DB Hang Clean
15.15/10.10 x SA DB Push Press
C. E3MOM × 4
1.500/400m Run or 35/25 x Push Up +
35/25 × Air Squat
2. 10/7 × DB Renegade Row
24/20 × Alt DB FR Lunge

REVL rules: if you @ someone in the comments, they MUST attend 😉
For members, coaches and franchisees; REVL offers a results-driven, fitness experience like no other. Offering strength in the studio and business revenues outside - a tried and tested framework offering rapid returns on investment.⁠
It’s an exciting time to get involved in what’s to come next. And as doors continue to open and revenues grow - the opportunities to get involved in new territories are being snapped up each day! Head to the link in the bio to own a REVL.
REVL brings to market a brand and product experience unlike anything seen before. In maintaining elite programming and education for both coaches and members across 25 studios globally, we surpass what other competitors within the market are yet to offer their communities. ⁠
Want more info on what owning a REVL in your neighbourhood could look like? Head to the link in the bio and submit an enquiry today!


Our workouts are designed to be challenging but fun. Our classes are taught by experienced trainers who know how to motivate and inspire you to push yourself to the next level, providing modifications and support as needed.


We believe that feeling good about yourself is an essential part of any fitness journey. That’s why we’ve created a studio environment that’s both welcoming and empowering.


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