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Peak Week 1: Sweat Edition… 

A teaser for next week’s Sweat Baseline/ Testing session with the aim being to understand how to break up your reps and pace yourselves during the different stations. 

Today goes a little like this...

E5MOM × 6
1. 2500/2250/2000m Bike Erg or 60/45/30
Cal Echo Bike

2. 85 x Alt DB Hang Snatch 25/20/15% BW

3. 100 x BW Rev Lunge

4. 1250/1125/1000m Ski/Row Erg

5. 1000/800/600m Run or 80/70/60 x

6. 100 x KB Swing @30/25/20% BW

*1:00 Between Blocks

At REVL We love celebrating our members session milestones at our studio! 

This week we are highlighting: 
🌟Kim - 150 sessions 
🌟Madi - a whopping 400 sessions!!! 
🌟Keilee - 350 sessions 
🌟Shaun - 150 session at Brookvale & 250 sessions at Neutral Bay!  Total of 400 sessions! 

Congrats to these superstars! Keep showing up & getting it done! We are immensely proud of you all!
Deload week has begun… 

⭐️ What is Deload 
A deload week is a planned period of rest and recovery that’s designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of constant intense exercise.

Implement them correctly, and they’re one of the most effective ways to prevent injuries, plateaus, and burnout.

⭐️Why do we need to Deload 
Throughout DELOAD, the type of stimulus remains but at a manageable/restorative load (a de-load). This allows extra time for strength adaptations to take place following significant progression in load, and also demand on tissue resilience throughout the BUILD phase... Strength is built in recovery.

⭐️How to Deload during Move & Perform sessions 
You can expect intensity from reduced rest periods and a higher heart rate. This week is NOT a rest week, but rather a reduction in load, reducing the risk of injury and priming the body for what’s to come in PEAK.

⭐️How to Deload during Sweat Sessions 
DELOAD Week brings a reduction in loaded movements across the week and an increased appearance of machines (Ergs), body weight and carries.

Deload week will allow you to have more productive workouts, so let’s take it seriously. Follow those lower percentages on weights, higher reps and reduction in volume. 

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Mic’d up session with our girls this morning. Showing you the real and raw insight of REVL BROOKVALE. 

We train hard, but we also have fun. What more could you ask for? 

Happy day of Love from REVL Brookie 💌 

Enjoy a Q&A with some of our gym couples… 
• @tamarajohanna_ & @joelsnorton 
• @louiseeanderson_ & @harrison.c.mcdonald 
• @renee_davison & @dom_jackson 

In need of a valentine? Be ours! 
Don’t miss the opportunity to grab 14 days of training for just $14! 

Simply download the REVL app and head to purchase the “2 Week Unlimited Trial”. Add code VDAY14 to apply the discount. Valid for new clients only. 

BUILD WEEK 3… one of the best of the block! 🔥😮‍💨

What to expect in your sessions:

Expect to see your reps decrease to as low as 3 this week and on average around 4 reps across the whole session. We will be working up to 85% of our GOAL 1RM which is a 5% increase from build week 2. If you’re unsure on your 1RM, you will focus on a MAX RPE 8 (2 reps left in the tank).

This week we really want to focus on the load that’s being lifted. Expect to see a little more rest than usual, this is put in place in order to allow you to go heavier. A very slight decrease in volume across the whole session so we really want to find intensity through the load.

Engine - this week the chipper style session is back. 36:00 cap to settle into a maintainable and consistent pace. This session is all about chipping your way through the list of movements whilst focusing on splitting up your reps and setting an achievable pace.

Sprint - a little bit different with the format this week! Teams of 3 - 3 x 12:00 caps. This will roughly work out to be 1 min work 1 min rest which is an increase of work to rest time in comparison to last week. Push your team mates through this one and absolutely rip in! 

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ANAEROBIC limits tested today with today spicy SWEAT /| SPRINT 🌶️🌶️ 

In Pairs YGIG - 4 x 8:00 AMRAP
20/16 Total Reps/Cals Each
A. Split Between: Row Erg & DBall Rev Lunge
B. Split Between: Ski Erg & Alt DB Hang Clean + Press
C. Split Between: Bike Erg & KB Swing
D. Split Between: Air Bike & Box Jump Over/Step Over
*1:00 Between Blocks / Goal: 4-5 Rounds Each

Recommended Weights:
DB + KB @30/25% BW I DBall @50/40% BW
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